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Volume 7, Issue 2, November 2023 is now published.

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Volume 8, issue 1 May 2024

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JUFO: Julkaisufoorumi and NSD- Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers

Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences (JIS) publisher ORDT: Organization for Research Development and Training (2020 Updates)

Publication Ethics and Malpractices (PEMS)

The paper submitted to the journal must meet the scientific and publication standard. The contribution of author and co-authors must be significantly reflected in the paper. Any conflict of interest between the author and co-authors can lead the paper towards withdrawal category. Moreover, it is the responsibilities of the author and the co-authors to maintain the publication ethic and norms. The ethical consideration is a moral practice that all author and co-author(s) are obliged to follow starting from writing of manuscript/articles, submission, abiding peer review, revising, pre-publication and to the post-publication of their manuscript.

The manuscript that is published with the JIS although copyright is with the author(s), the same paper must not be submitted or published with the other journal. Importantly, while maintaining the ethical consideration and practices, authors and co-author(s) must not submit their paper that is being considered for publication elsewhere at another academic journal platform both online and print. This is considered as an unethical behaviour and in doing so, the journal will not consider the paper from these author(s) and Co-authors in future in any circumstance and will be in a category of blacklisted upon malpractice and practicing unethical and reflecting the dysfunctional behaviour.

Authors Roles and Responsibilities

Author(s) must not submit the same paper to another journal while it is being considered for publication and the manuscript that is submitted and is being considered for publication should not be submitted to any of the journal(s). This is offensive against the publication Ethic and is considered as an intention of Malpractice. In such cases, the journal will blacklist the author(s) and announce their names with their affiliation and therefore the JIS will never consider their (author/Co-authors) paper in future for publication

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We invite authors, researchers, scientists, students, managers, leaders and colleagues to submit their paper for the Next Volume 6, issue 1 – May 2022. 

JIS announces call for paper submission for the Next Vol 5 (2). November 2021. ISSN: 2594-3405

JIS invites you all to walk the academic journey along the journal’s vision “Enriching Beautiful Minds Towards Intelligent Minds”

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